On Sunday my friend’s son died. He had two young children and a wonderful wife. His father considered him his best friend. His mother, well, his mother loved him as only a mother can. I sat with them, and some other friends on Sunday night, it was sad and painful and heartbreaking. But what his dad, his mom and everyone else in the room said was, “I can’t imagine doing this without faith.” How do people do it? How do people live life, face death, and experience tragedy without knowing Jesus? One of the best lessons I have learned as a Christian is that being a Christian doesn’t mean life will be easy, it doesn’t mean that nothing bad will happen but it does mean that I will never be alone. Never be alone. What a powerful statement. As I sat with my friends I wished they could wake up tomorrow and find that their son was alive but I knew they would not. It doesn’t matter that they are some of the most faithful people I know, they attend church, they lead Bible Studies and they have taught their children and grandchildren that God loves them. Being Christian doesn’t make us immune to tragedy it helps us live through tragedy. What does matter right now is they know, they know, that God is present. They believe it, even in the midst of tragedy and pain and death. They believe it and it’s true. Thanks be to God.

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