We have already reached the last Sunday of January! While I was leading a hymn last Sunday (“How Great Thou Art”), I gave deep thanks to God for the opportunity to worship and praise Him with you. It is such a privilege to see your faces and sing together to God. I wish that you could get a chance to stand where I stand to sing a hymn. It always feels empowering to me that as part of Christ’s family we get to worship God together in one place. I think that is one of reasons that we need to come to worship weekly.

The Sanctuary Choir will sing a joyful praise based on Psalm 95, “O Come, Let Us Sing” as an anthem at the 11:00 AM service this week. Brass and percussion players will join the choir.

There will be two special music offerings at both the 9:15 AM and 11:00 AM services with the Treble Makers (the preschool choir) and Call to Harmony (the men’s quartet group) sharing their special songs to the Lord this Sunday.

I pray that we will offer a daily song or two to the Lord by ourselves. This can be an act of worship in our everyday life. Let’s sing and proclaim who our God is.

Here are the lyrics for the anthem at the 11:00 AM service.

“O Come, Let us Sing”

O come, let us sing with joy to the Lord, o come, o come.

Come, bow down before Him, kneel and adore Him and praise Him with music and song.

For He is Holy, Shepherd, Creator and King. For He is worthy. Forever His praises I’ll sing.

Sing unto God the Creator. He made the sea and land, Sing unto God the Almighty. We are the work of His hands.

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