Imagine you are going on a trip. You get out your suitcase and lay it on your bed. Before you start to pack, you visualize where you are going and what you might need to take with you on your trip.

Imagine being told to pack for a trip where you don’t know the destination or what you will be doing there. Do you take snowsuits and mittens or a swimsuit and goggles? Do you pack notebooks and pencils or paints and brushes? Or in your suitcase do you place a whisk and saucepan or a shovel and packets of seeds?

In the life God has given us He has equipped us with what we need for the journey. He has planned. For some of us, books and pencils will be what we need to complete our journey. For others, a swimsuit and goggles will be must-haves.

As we begin new adventures in our lives, friends or relatives often give us gifts that might help us on upcoming journeys. A notebook might be given to a journalist or a name placard might be a gift for someone with a new desk job. But while God doesn’t give us physically tangible gifts, He equips us with the spiritual gifts that we will need to complete our journeys.

Spiritual gifts are talents or abilities where we excel in one or two specific areas. These gifts are to be used to further the kingdom of God. We must use these gifts to help others or to better the world in which we live.

Each of us is uniquely different. God gives each of us special gifts or abilities that, when combined with the gifts or abilities of those around us, will help us carry out God’s plan.

Have you ever been given a gift that you looked at and wondered, “What is it?” or “What do I do with it?” If we can’t identify our gifts or understand how we are to use them, they won’t do us much good! Knowing what gifts God has given you, including your spiritual gifts, is a wonderful thing. Once you know what your spiritual gifts are, you can begin to use them to glorify God! And, like with any usable item, once you begin to use your gifts, you’ll get better and better at using them and understanding how they can be used to help others.

Butwhat if you are a new believer? What if you have no idea what your gifts are or if you even have any? Just as the gifts that we receive as toddlers are completely different than the gifts that we receive as teenagers, God gives us different gifts at different stages of our lives. Gifts are meant to be shared, enjoyed and appreciated, not hidden away inside a cabinet or your heart. So no matter what your gifts areor aren’tthink about taking the gifts that you know you have, no matter how small or “inconsequential” you think they are, and blessing someone else with them. And feel free to be who God created you to be!

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