My mom has two parrots: Morelia and Valentin. They are her happiness. They can sing five songs, three of which are praises to the Lord.

Once, Valentin fell and lost consciousness. My mom provided first aid, and he woke up singing a song from his repertoire: “Christ is coming, there are signs. He is looking to save souls. I go with Him, I go with Him. I don’t stay, I go with Him.” My mom cried and sang the song with him, thanking God that Valentin had recovered.

Now, Valentin is a very cute parrot, but Morelia is my mom’s favorite, even though she has a skin condition and doesn’t have enough feathers to cover her body.

When Valentin sings, Morelia joins him with sounds of applause or whistles to the rhythm of the song. In a small water fountain, they enjoy a daily bath.

When they were young, the two parrots were free to walk around the house during the day. At night, they slept in their cage.

However, my mom forgot to cut their wings, and one day a large group of pigeons flew past the house. Morelia decided to take flight with them. Mom was so surprised to see her fly away with the pigeons that she screamed for her to return. But Morelia was gone.

Morelia left a big gap in the home. Valentin was so depressed that he did not sing or eat. My mother cried and cried. She searched everywhere. She went to neighbors’ homes and the radio station, even offering a reward. She talked to her spiritual guide about the sadness of losing Morelia. All her friends and family tried to comfort her, but it wasn’t enough.She worried a cat would eat Morelia or that people would reject her for being so ugly.

The days passed, and my mom kept praying and praying to God: “Please help me find my pet of many years.” But twenty days later, there still was no news of Morelia.

Finally, a neighbor discovered that a family living about a mile away from my mother’s house had a very ugly parrot.He told my mom, and she went to talk with that family and explain that she had lost Morelia and how much she missed her. “If you have her, please return her,” she said to them.

But the neighbors told my mom there were no pets in their house. Mom returned home very sad, but she continued praying. She hoped that whoever had her parrot would have a change of heart and return Morelia.

One evening the doorbell rang, and my mom saw a luxurious car out front. Two children with their parents were holding a box in their hands. They told my mom they couldn’t continue hiding this parrot that she loved so much and had decided to return her. My mom was so grateful that she kissed and hugged them. When she opened the box, she saw Morelia and thanked God for returning her pet.

My mom never lost faith. She prayed all the time, specifically asking that the people who had Morelia would have a change of heart and return her.

Matthew 21:22 says, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”

Every morning my mom wakes up with the singing of her parrots, and together they praise the Lord, singing, “Praise, praise, praise to my Lord…”

Trust in God; he listens to you and will respond.

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