Sometimes I feel like God speaks to me in sticky notes. At times when there is so much to say, there are so many ideas to consider or there’s no time to write it all down, I scribble the gist of it on sticky notes. On these occasions, my paper or my journal page or my notebook is covered in little flapping leaflets. Each with a gem of a message sent just to me, just then. Don’t want to lose those!

But I just found out something cool.The inventor of sticky (aka Post-it) notes, Arthur Fry, conceived of them when he needed a bookmark in his hymnal. Fry sang in his church choir, and he used slips of paper to mark the pages of his work book. When the book was opened, the makeshift bookmarks often moved around or fell out altogether. So a small paper with adhesive that stuck, but not permanently, was perfect to solve the problem. Read morehere.

What a cool notion: temporary adhesion to the page God wants you to sing. Make a note. Use it. Remove and press on.

I have to confess, I also use them to make note of the worldly things that invade when I am trying to stay focused on God; bits that are meant to be considered later but shouldn’t be forgotten, kind of a low-tech download to storage.

Hey, there’s only so much room, and one thought at a time is challenging. When they come spinning in at warp speed, isn’t it just like God to provide the technology?

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