God of abundant life
and downward mobility,
Istruggle to know what it means
to say “enough.”
I have more than I need
of food, clothing, housing, income
all the material requirements in life
andyet I find myself wanting more.
Morespace, more stuff, more time,
moreconnection, more meaning,
more love.
I know I cannot buy contentment,
nor can I earn your grace.
Yet I am still unsure how to measure
in light of your incomparable generosity:
how can I ever hope to pray enough,
learn enough,
give enough (time, energy, stuff, love)
to the poor, to the church, to your kingdom work in the world;
how can I possibly work hard enough
to do justice to your redeeming, transforming, sustaining,
unconditional love?
God of abundant life
and downward
outward mobility,
I come into your presence with empty hands
and anxious heart.
Help me to accept
and to remember
that you are more than
for me.

from Alive Now (September/October 2011), (Nashville: The Upper Room,
Inc. 2011), 8. Used by permission. www.alivenow.org

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