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Who Cares About The Environment?

It seems that nearly every day we hear about yet another path of destruction. Does it matter? God and science both seem to have a lot to say about caring for the earth. Join us as we see what our role is in the intersection of faith and science.
Psalm 65:9-13


Creation And Evolution

Did God create the world in seven days? Did people just appear? Is evolution completely contradictory to the nature of a Creator? This week we will look at the way the creation story is richer and more complex than we might think.
Genesis 1:20-31


The Body Beyond Death

Science shows that death is the end of the earthly body. But faith says there’s more. Could they both be right? Jesus talked about life beyond death 2000 years ago and that helps us today. Join us this week as we wrestle with the reality of...
John 20:19-29


Expect Great Things

Celebrate Easter with Floris UMC. Don't miss the powerful music, worship and message as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We encourage you to invite your neighbors, friends and family to join us for this celebration. Times of our...
Mark 16:1-8


Good Friday 2019

Jesus’ love for us can be described in a word - perfect. He gave up his life for ours because of his deep love for each of us. Come witness this perfect love as you experience his last days on earth. Our traditional choir and orchestra will...


Holy Thursday 2019

Immerse yourself in the events leading up to Jesus' arrest and crucifixion through an original musical worship service written, arranged and performed by Floris UMC's contemporary band, Full Circle. Attendees will experience these final moments...


Emulate Christ

Come hear how a cross-shaped loved changed the world, and can change yours as well.
1 John 4:13-21


Value The Vulnerable

Jesus noticed the people others ignored. He spent time with those others avoided. Jesus love enables people to discover their value, and the value of the love they offer others.
1 John 3:16-18

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