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Grow Gratitude

Scripture: James 4:13-16, Rev. Barbara Miner speaks on Griping and Grumbling vs. gratitude. Most people have circumstances that might lead them to grumble about their lives or other people. James calls us to realize that we will be judged by God...


Bind Bitterness

Scripture: James 3:13-18, Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on bitter words. It is important that we not correct others in a way that promotes bitterness between us. Scripture calls us to be honest with each other, giving that last 10%, but with care to be...


Harness Hearsay

Scripture: James 3:3-6, 4:11-12, Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on gossip and how it is so easy to speak about others in a way that creates rumors and sends out impressions that can never be corrected as they move from person to person. This sermon calls...


Corner Criticism

Scripture: James 3:7-12, Rev. Tom Berlin speaks on criticism and how it can be hurtful to others. He also gives insightful ways to become an encourager who can speak the truth through love and affirm the good we see in others. We are called to...


Why I Am a Christian

Scripture: John 3:16-21, Rev. Tom Berlin concludes the Rethink Faith sermon series leading a discussion that is more a personal testimony than sermon. Tom shares his experiences growing up in the church as well as situations that challenged his...


The Bible Tells Me So

Scripture: Psalm 119:105-112, Revs. Barbara Miner and Tim Ward deliver a joint sermon that discusses truths and lessons about the Bible. Most Christians believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, because it contains what God wants to say...


Stumbling Over the Trinity

Scripture: Mark 1:1-11, Rev. Tom Berlin conducts an in-depth study on the nature of God by examining the Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity. People often have difficulty with the concept of one God in three Persons, and view God in simpler...


Faith And Facts

Scripture: Ecclesiates 7:23-25, Rev. Tom Berlin continues the Rethink Faith sermon series by examining the conflicts that often occur being religion and science. Not all Christian traditions are comfortable when the tenants of their Faith are...