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But Now I See

A man cured of blindness starts a new life with sight. Jesus knows that if he is going to enjoy a second chance, he will need a new way to look at the world. This week we will contemplate seeing the world with new eyes.
John 9:1-7


Thirsty For Something New

Messing up your life can leave you lonely and isolated. The woman at the well carried a lot of relational baggage everywhere she went. Jesus enabled her to see a new way to do life. For the first time she began afresh rather than being held...
John 4:1-26


Everything New

What if things could really be made new? What if we could release the hard things of the past and embrace the fresh possibilities of the future? The bible tells us this is possible. Join us this week to hear about God’s vision for our future.
Revelation 21:1-7


Best Ever Makeover

Making a resolution or even desire of making one is a sign that you desire a better life. You want to leave some of what the bible calls your “old-self” with the year passed. Your old-self is your life or the parts of your life that you have yet...
2 Corinthians 5:17-21


Christmas Eve

This is a traditional service featuring our Sanctuary Choir and Orchestra. Live stream and deaf Interpretation provided.


Christmas Cantata 2017

This is our annual Christmas cantata. It will take place during morning worship services, Sunday, December 17, and be a part of our sermon series "Surprise". Yoon would like to publicize the open dress rehearsal, Saturday, December 16...


Taken By Surprise

It is hard to believe that ending will be good when the story is going poorly. The Bible is full of surprise endings. Come hear what is necessary for God to bring hope to our lives as well.
Matthew 1:18-22


Surprise Ending

Today we are going to hear a text rarely read in church. You will be introduced to people in the Bible that will show you how God’s provision is available when you need it the most. God used each of their stories to bring Jesus into our world.
Matthew 1:1-17

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