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I Believe in Jesus Christ, His Only Son, Our Lord

Many faiths believe that there is a God. What sets Christianity apart is our belief that Jesus, the Son of God, actually lived, died and was resurrected. But is there evidence beyond the Bible for this? Join us this week as we talk about evidence...
Philippians 2:5-11



Meaning of Ash Wednesday and Lent Sometimes the first step is the hardest. Join us at Floris UMC, in taking the first step in a Lenten transformation. We will join in prayer, song and scripture as we come together in repentance and humility to...
Psalm 51:1-12



Perhaps you have been asked this question – Who is God? This is the big question and certainly a most important one. Over time more and more people have questioned whether or not God is even real. This week we will look at the evidence we have...
Psalm 19:1-6


I Believe

Belief is one of those words that seems so simple but is extremely complicated. When thinking about belief we are often referring to our preferences or opinions - I believe she is nice or I believe Fords are better than Chevys. What you believe...
Hebrews 11:1-7


The Big Game 2018

Super Bowl Sunday (No 5 p.m. Worship) Being invitational is more than just inviting your friends and family to church, it’s about inviting them into your life to share meals and have fun together. With that in mind, we’re canceling the 5 p.m...
1 Corinthians 9:24-27


Alive Again

We hope for life after death, but could such a thing happen? Come hear about a man who experienced the ultimate second chance. Where do you need to be alive again?
John 11:38-44


But Now I See

A man cured of blindness starts a new life with sight. Jesus knows that if he is going to enjoy a second chance, he will need a new way to look at the world. This week we will contemplate seeing the world with new eyes.
John 9:1-7


Thirsty For Something New

Messing up your life can leave you lonely and isolated. The woman at the well carried a lot of relational baggage everywhere she went. Jesus enabled her to see a new way to do life. For the first time she began afresh rather than being held...
John 4:1-26

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