I admit I have wondered why Jesus tells us to pray, “Lead us not into temptation” and elsewhere assures us that God will not tempt us. The reality is, God needn’t lead me to it, temptation and I are well acquainted. When it comes to innocent little lambs and sheep gone astray,I know whom I take after.

A friend of mine from Scotland has a son who used to be a shepherd. He said that the thing about sheep who go astray is, “You have to go looking for them, because if they wander to the edge of a cliff they are stuck. They don’t know how to back up. The shepherd needs to show them how to turn around.

That may be the voice I hear most; the one calling me back from the edge. For some reason, I have the tendency to wander off the path. Or perhaps I am moving so fast, my momentum just takes me there…before I know it. I wonder if very faithful people have this problem. People like Billy Graham, for instance. Irecentlyread that this is the way he starts his days:

I commit this day into your hands.

Thank You for claiming me.

I’m grateful You know what this day holds for me.

Take my life today and use it for Your glory.

Cleanse me from anything that would hinder your work in my life.

I step out in faith knowing Your Holy Spirit is filling me continually as I trust in You and obey Your word.

I am thinking that drowning out the voice of temptation with this Voice would be a really good start.

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