I started my Lent this year by going to the Ash Wednesday service. I think Pastor Tom was surprised to see how many of us showed up. He greeted us with a sort of “Let Lent Begin” kind of moment. Pardon me, Tom, but it reminded me of the moment when they say, “Let the Games of the ___ Olympiadbegin.” This summer it’s XXX. Isn’t that cool? Kind of triune?

Maybe because last Sunday’s sermon was ‘preparing to run the Lenten marathon’ I have adopted the athletic mind frame this year. Ready, set…

Our Father,
who art in heaven,
hallowedby thy name.

It’s an interesting transition. How do we run our best race while kneeling at the feet of Jesus, calling on Our Father?

I think for me this may involve kneeling and then getting going, kneeling and going. A sort of Lenten rhythm. In my business they call this interval training. You strengthen, then you recover, so you can do it again and again. I need this because there is a person who lives in the large house down the street whose daughter has a bumper sticker that reads, “My lacrosse mom can beat up your soccer mom.”

I need to know what to say when she comes calling.

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