I’ll admit I was a bit concerned when I read the Fridaystatus post ofthe Floris graphics specialist:”on Awkward Family photos for a work-related assignment.” I wondered what our Pastors were up to.

I shouldn’t have worried.

What a way to bring some humor to an incredibly difficult subject: Forgiving Our Families. We’re not “stock photo” families, we’re “awkward families.” But that’s what I find incredibly powerful about the preaching on Sundays. At Floris, theyare willing to start a real conversationabout the tough stuff. And that starts a buzz. Out in the narthex, in the parking lot, even at the Panera down the street.

At Floris, our Pastors say it out loud on Sundays and we talk about it all week. The podcast makes it easy to invite your friends into the conversation. They can even backtrack to the sermons at the beginning of the sermon series so they are all caught up for next week.

Tell them they can find it live at Floris every Sunday.

Tell them we’re just one big awkward family.

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