I wonder how many other churches were worshiping by text this week. Leave it to Floris UMC to be thinking outside the box!

I have a confession to make: I was in Richmond at a conference. I did actually attend church there. A dear friend is the pastor. It was quite a reverent affair. Solemn. Diligent. Liturgically sound. Definitely no cell phones. The onlybreakwith protocol was during children’s time when several children crawled up on the pastor’s lap and his grandson snuggled next to him to be sure Grandpa saw his tie.

I joined the pastor and his wife for a sandwich after the service. Told them what “we” were doing back in Herndon. The couple looked at each other and smiled. “We’d have to upgrade our phones. We don’t really text.”

So, Floris, what was it like to worship by text? I really want to know.

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