If you are planning on stopping by my house between now and Christmas you should schedule an extra 20 minutes into your trip because my children are going to insist on giving you a guided tour of the house complete with their explanation of every Christmas decoration we own. Plan for at least 10 minutes at the Christmas tree because they will want to spotlight each of their favorite ornaments and tell you the story behind each one.

We have three different nativity scenes in our house and they will want to introduce you to all of the characters. My daughter might get sidetracked when you pass by the one near the kitchen because she loves to hold the baby sheep. She might try to take the sheep and carry it around with her even though she knows she’s not supposed to touch it. You can hardly get angry with her though, because she’s so gentle and loving with the little figurine.

My youngest two children are three and just barely remember the decorations from last year. So when Tim decorated the house with them last week, each item pulled from a box brought excitement and joy. Being the more mature age of 5, my older son delighted in the role of storyteller and passed along the story of each item as they decorated. It’s hard not to become excited when you talk to my children about Christmas. They want to tell you everything they know about it because it’s all new and exciting to them.

I am just like my children when it comes to the Christmas season. I get just as excited as them. I look forward to this season every year in anticipation of the familiar traditions and memories. Having grown up attending Floris, many of my Christmas memories are associated with this church. It was nice to add a new memory of making an Advent log with the kids. [Incidentally, I just realized we now have another Christmas decoration in our house so you might want to add another 5 minutes to your trip to my house.]

I’m sure all who attended the Celebrate the Season service will agree that it was such a blessing to be able to worship at Floris that night. The full band with added orchestra instruments and additional singers made for a fantastic night of worship. It was truly wonderful to stand and praise God that night. For a moment it’s as if we were all little children showing our excitement, singing loud for all to hear, about our Savior’s birth. It was a night of celebration and we wanted all to know that were excited that the season of Advent was finally here. Jesus Christ is born!

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