Okay! Sorry we have been icognito, but we have been traveling, and we finally made it, and we are finally in a place that has power and internet!
We arrived at Heathrow Friday morning about 10. After a couple hours there, we flew to Freetown with one refueling stop in Malaga, Spain. We arrived after dark at the Freetown (in Lungi), and spent the night there. We rode the ferry across the harbor to Freetown this morning and drove about 4 hours to Bo. Everyone (and all of our luggage!) have arrived without a hitch. At least one of us got to see Big Ben, the Eye of London, Parliament, the Rock of Gibraltar, and the Sahara desert all in one day!
We have unpacked our bags in the Missionary Training Center (nicer than the hotel in Lungi!), and have toured Mercy Hospital and the Child Rescue Center. As one of our team put it: “Who wouldn’t want to spend two weeks receiving constant hugs from the children!” All the children here loved seeing pictures of our families.

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Floris UMC Update

In response to COVID-19, Floris UMC will close its facility for large gatherings, including worship and small group activities. This is effective March 12, until further notice. The building will remain open for essential staff/employee activities. Live Stream worship will be available Sunday at 9:15 a.m. Life Groups are encouraged to meet online using virtual platforms. For further information, please view Rev. Tom Berlin’s Weekly Message; or contact the church’s Executive Director at 703-793-0026, Ext. 115.