Editor’s Note: This week 24 high school students and five leaders traveled to Reading, Pennsylvania to repair and transform homes and to strengthen and transform their own faith. The following is a blog post from one of the students, Nick Carper.

This whole week has opened my eyes to some new things. The first thing that surprised me was our resident, Helga. We are serving veterans this week, and Helga’s husband served in our military.

My crew is working on Helga’shouse, painting her living room, kitchen, staircase and mudroom. Before we could paint anything, we had to scrape the walls due to some significant water damage. The project is so large that there is actually another crew working on a different part of the house at the same time. Thehouse is pretty small and cramped so fitting two crews inside is quite extraordinary.

Even with an extra 12 people in her home, Helga still found a way to hang out with us. Though our purpose is to serve her in her home, she is stillable to be a servant back to us.

To paint the rooms, we had to move a lot of things around.Helga helped us move books and drop cloths.That moment struck me in a big way. I realized that everyone, no matter their age or ability, can help.

Better yet, Helga joined us for devotions at lunch time and shared her view of the Holy Spirit and how it is alive and well in those of us working on the house. She’s around all the time talking to us, which has allowed a strong connection to form.

Overall, being here on this trip has helped improve my faith because I’m surrounded by other believers. The ones in our church, the ones at our camp and the ones we run into all over Reading, Pennsylvania.

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