On March 14, the students going on the Costa Rica mission trip hosted a Costa Rican-themed fundraising dinner. With the help of Doug and Sandy Willie in the kitchen the students helped prepare and serve the meal. The donations collected at the door raised over $3,000 to go toward the cost of the mission trip.

Serving at the Costa Rica dinner was truly an inspiring experience. Being someone who has been to Costa Rica with Floris for the past two years, I can see exactly where the money we raise during the dinner goes. The past two years I have seen the poverty that has struck the town of Alajuela, and the beautiful people that live there. Each dollar raised will go to help the Floris student ministry to make a difference in others’ lives. It makes me joyful that God has blessed me with such an amazing community at Floris. Seeing all of the volunteers that took time out to help prepare and serve food for the dinner makes me optimistic about the difference we can make in Costa Rica because of the generosity of the Floris community. I loved being able to share some of the Costa Rican culture and experience to those who came to the dinner, and am looking forward to the mission trip this summer. I believe it is very important to keep the congregation informed about what the student ministry is doing, and that is exactly what we were able to do at the dinner. Not only was the food delicious, but it helped spread the word about the difference the students at Floris are able to make in God’s community around the world.
-Annie Wandishin (Oakton Class of 2013)

Serving at the Costa Rica dinner was a great experience. It was awesome to see how many people came out to support our summer mission. The amount of people that care about the youth program and our work in Costa Rica was inspiring and a memory I will hold onto during the trip. It was fun to meet, interact, and serve with other team members prior to the trip to Costa Rica through the dinner.
Laura Merten (Oakton Class of 2014)

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