Do you like to observe the nature around you?

I do. I love watching the sky and trees any time of the day. I love sunny days with a pure blue sky like the morning I wrote this, or days with fluffy funny clouds. I also love watching people. I know it sounds a little bit strange, but I love to watch people. One of reasons I love watching them is that they all remind me who the Creator is. I am often amazed how beautiful all the creations are, but then I remember that God made them all.

I felt a strong presence of the Holy Spirit during last Sunday’s worship services. I was not watching people around me but feeling people’s hearts somehow, and it led me to pray for them deeply during the services. Forgiveness is such a common, but hard subject, and thinking deeply about it sometimes also brings heavy hearts. As I shared last week, I have chosen music thoughtfullynot only to glorify God, but so that the music can be used as one of God’s many working tools.

This Sunday, the Sonrise singers will lift up, “Just a Closer Walk with Thee.” The beloved, “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” will be the offertory at the 8:00 AM service and the Sanctuary choir will lift up, “The Artist” by Joseph Martin as our anthem at 11:00 AM service. Also, for a special musical offering, Christine Cox will be singing, “If You Search With All Your Heart” during the offertory at 11:00 AM. We pray that the love of God will be with us as we sing and listen to the music. And, that His presence will be with us and that we feel restored by it.

Here are the lyrics for, “The Artist:”

Artist, Creator, I give to You my heart.

Mold me and make me into Your work of art. Turn me and shape me into a vessel true.

Lord, make me holy, Lord, make me holy, Lord, make me holy as I give myself to You.

Lord, paint Your beauty on the canvas of my soul. With hands of love You touch and make me whole.

Create the Masterpiece that only You can do.

Lord, make me holy, Lord, make me holy as I give myself to You.

Prayerfully, Yoon

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