Our Christmas cantata Sunday is this week!

The cantata choir has been rehearsing the music since September. They have been praying for many things along with the musical practice. I personally want to thank everyone involved with the cantata in many ways for their effort, hearts, and prayers. I have been blessed by them throughout the preparation. Thank you all so much!

As I share often with you all through this blog, it is a true blessing that we get to praise and worship God with beautiful music. God has given us the music to as praise to Him, to express His glory and to share His love to others. Especially music in the Season of Advent and Christmas is the most loved by most people as I have experienced. This year, our cantata is about Jesus who incarnated as a human form, Emmanuel. It may lead us to hear Jesus’ birth from Isaiah to Gospel John. We pray that we all will proclaim “our eyes have seen the Child” as Simeon in the story at the worship service.

During morning worship services on this Sunday, not only will the cantata be heard, but also will be shared many other special music; a student vocal ensemble, Viva voce, will lift up a song called “Come, Jesus Prince of Peace” as an Offertory at 9:15 and 11:00, and Laudate Ringers will ring all three services with their beautiful prelude music “Gloria Hodie.” As a response to the benediction, the choir will send you their Christmas and New Year blessings through a song called “A Blessing of Music.” It is our blessing and prayers toward you and your families throughout a Christmas and a New Year. I pray that all things are lifted up for only God’s Glory! Bring your friends and families to share the Good News through our musical worship service! Looking forward to feeling His presence!

A Blessing of Music
May your days be filled with music! May your path be paved with song.
May the sounds of forever lift you up and keep you strong.
May your heart resound with laughter. May your life be turned for praise.
May the hymns of faith bring you hope. May the rhythms of your life bring you joy.
May the harmony of friendship bring you love.
May the Maker bless and keep you. May God’s music guide your ways.
May God’s gentle whisper always comfort you with grace.
May the voices of angels sing you peace. Amen.

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