Like most of you, my life is hectic with long days at work, endless commutes, house projects, church activities and raising a child. Those close to me know that I have struggled for quite some time; my priorities in life have not been lined up in accordance with God’s will. After reflection and much prayer, I felt called to step outside of my hectic life and learn what it means to be the “hands and feet of Christ.” I’m not alone.

My teammates come from all walks of life (medical, accountant, government, military and non-profit) all across the country and have lives just as hectic as mine. But what are we really here for and hoping to find? Many of you may consider traveling halfway around the world to learn this as foolish. Or is it?

We all came here to witness for ourselves (and some multiple times) the works of God in a country that only has hope and faith to rely on. A little background: Sierra Leone is the fourth poorest country in the world. The majority of the population does not have a job, an education, utilities or access to medical care. The people live in a harsh environment, still overcoming the devastating impacts of a civil war that seems at times almost unforgiving. One would expect the people here to feel sorry for themselves and give up on trying to get out of this strife.

Well, that is not the case here in Bo at the Child Rescue Center (CRC) and Mercy Hospital. The permanent staff work feverishly everyday to provide both Christian-based teaching and a spiritual upbringing for the children as well as free medical care for those in the community (mostly pregnant mothers). No one complains about the heat, limited resources or long days. Instead, they look for ways to be more efficient and effective so that they can save more children and treat more patients despite the resources needed to do so. They are a determined people with a strong faith in God.

So what does a small group of missioners bring to the children, patients and support staff? We bring hope, love, faith, assurance, compassion and most importantly the “hands and feet of Christ.” We pray with and for them and assist the staff as God has guided us to do so.

Submitted by Michael

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