My duties at Camp Hutchison are simple, I am a “Foodie.” I help with snacks and lunches. We Foodies, as our name tags read, help usher the young Campers from their respective tables and into the cafeteria line at the other end of the room. We help them with drinks and napkins and fetch straws or utensils as needed. In general we just help them during their cafeteria time so we may give a break to the Counseling staff.

After each meal or snack, the Foodies pull out the wipes and the paper towels and the clean up begins. We bring the dining area back to its respectable past and ready the space for the next group. To date I believe the Porcupines are the messiest, but after today they may have some competition from the Squirrels.

We provide a welcome and smiling face, a task not always easy for me to pull off, and let the Campers know that we are there to help and serve them. The most import part in all of this is our opportunity to provide a nutritious meal or snack to so many that may go hungry if not for these efforts.

It is quite remarkable to think that no more than two miles from the Church, Hutchison has challenges and needs that are common to places like Sierra Leone and Cuba where Floris sponsors mission trips, schools, and healthcare programs. We have very real needs here in our own backyard and Camp Hutchison is a wonderful opportunity to help our neighbors in some small way.

It seems we do so much and yet so much more needs to be done. My job as a volunteer is simple, and I am happy to help, but the real heavy lifting is done by so many more. In organization, in teaching, and in leading by example, I am pleased to lend my efforts to such an experience for the Kids as our Camp.

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