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Learn Your Story by Susan Ward

Three questions.

Why do people need Jesus Christ?

Why do people need the Church?

Why do people need our church?

Depending on how you look at it, those three questions can be very easy or very difficult to answer. They can be easy because it's easy to look at others and make general assumptions. It's easy to say, "Well all people are sinners, and, therefore, they all need to be saved so they all need Jesus. People need the Church because the Church teaches you about Jesus, and people need our church because our church has a lot of really great ministries for people to learn about Jesus." There you go. Done and done.

It gets difficult to answer those questions when you realize that some people have found other solutions to their brokenness. Some people feel the hurt and sadness in the world, and they find temporary band-aids to hide the pain. They aren't always aware of the problem. And now you are no longer just supplying the answer to the problem but you are needing to convince the person that there is a problem as well. This just became a lot more complicated.

But watch what happens when I change the questions slightly.

Why do I need Jesus Christ?

Why do I need the Church?

Why do I need our church?

Some of us can answer these questions quicker than others. Given enough time, we can all answer the questions. There are no wrong answers. We all have our reasons. Each of us came here for something; each of us stayed for something different. We all have our stories. They are our stories. They cannot be wrong.

When we know our stories and are comfortable with our stories, talking to people about Jesus is no longer scary. We know the truth as it applies to our story, and we can proclaim that with confidence.

But you have to know your story.

You have to know your answers.

Which means you have to ask yourself the questions.

So ask yourself the questions. Take the time to answer them. Learn your story.

Others will thank you for it later.

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