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Refocusing My Life

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Since April, right after Easter, I have started refocusing my life to be healthier, both physically and spiritually. I am not sure how related body and soul are for other people, but to me they are very closely related. While living in Northern Virginia for five years, I have found that winter months are hard months for my body and soul. They often include rapid weight gain along with a dull spiritual life. I realized that these results are not beneficial to living as the person who I want to be, especially as a proactive follower of Jesus. I know that to some it may sound irrational to link body and spirit so closely, but it makes sense to me.

I started with a three-day detox program followed by two weeks of watching what food I took into my body as well as exercising for at least forty minutes, five times a week. I didn't go to a program or a gym for a consultation, but I researched on my own and came up with my own 'detox life program' that would work for me. It has not been easy, physically or mentally, because God has shown me that there is a deeper root to my problems that causes me to become less sensitive to the toxins in my body, toxins that lead to sin. I found that the root of my problems comes from the Lordship issue that Rev. Tom mentioned in a sermon series earlier this year. Even though I don't want to admit it, it is true. If I truly accept that the Lord is also Lord of my life, I should take better care of my body. This principle could apply to my time, my belongings, my money and even my family. While I was focusing on my physical detox, I noticed more and more that my greedy mindset is the main thing that is toxic in my relationship with the Lord.

Interestingly, when I started my physical detoxing, I bought a book called "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo. I was fascinated to learn through reading this book that my greedy mindset is also evident in my cluttered lifestyle. Kondo didn't mention anything about greediness, but while I was following her step that said to get rid of my belongings to live a more "joyful" life, I noticed how much stuff I had shoveled into my life just to please my own greedy heart. So far, from May to August, I have already taken more than ten trash bags of clothes, bags and shoes as well as three boxes of books to The Salvation Army and Goodwill. I have a strong tendency to put myself in a zone where I think that I deserve a bite of fancy dessert or I deserve some extra bling. Sometimes I live by the phrase, "You only live once," and I think, "Why not?" Truly, God has revealed to me how much I possess as a result of the greediness in my heart. I did this detox as a confession and repentance for my greedy ways rather than as a celebration of my accomplishments, and I pray that whoever reads this post understands it in that way.

In Luke 3:11, John tells us that if we have two shirts, we should share our second shirt with someone who doesn't have one. This is a hard concept to live by. Imagine only owning one shirt, or in my case, only one pair of shoes. I have more than a half dozen pairs of shoes in my shoe rack. I do know that I may not be able to own only one pair of shoes in this modern world, but I've started to pay more attention when I pass shoe stores. As a mom of two teenage girls, it is beyond hard to teach my girls that it is okay not to own popular brand shoes to be part of the group. I pray that I examine each day and each moment asking the questions, "What would Jesus do?" and "Who is my Lord now?" to live as a faithful steward of the Lord. I pray that this influences my girls to also take a moment to ask the same questions while trying to live in this world as who they are.

I truly want to hear God say, "Well done, good and faithful servant," when I see my Lord face-to-face.

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