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Super Bowl Hope

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I am not very excited to watch the Super Bowl this year. It's not that I am not interested in seeing the two best teams in the league duke it out in front of the entire world, I am just not a fan of the Seattle Seahawks or the New England Patriots. That being said, I will still watch it.

My wife, by the way, loves the Seattle Seahawks' uniforms. Who knew navy blue and neon green went so well together?

The only Super Bowl that ever really mattered to me was the 2009 Super Bowl, where the wonderful and amazing New Orleans Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts.

Living in New Orleans at the time of this win was epic, to say the least. When the game ended, you could literally hear the entire city celebrating. Everyone was so very happy.

One of the reasons this win was so amazing for the city was because the Saints weren't just a football team; they were the symbol of a city that was rising from the destruction of Hurricane Katrina. When life wasn't going so well for people living in trailers, dealing with bureaucratic red tape and lacking basic infrastructure and amenities that most of us hold so dear, we all had something to believe in when the Saints were winning on the field. If the Saints could win, so, too, could the city be great again wow gold.

It was a special season that wasn't just about football; it was about hope. Hope that things can be better. Frankly, my time and work in New Orleans from 2005 to 2009 was all about hope.

I can remember sitting with some disaster relief and recovery specialists in a conference about one year after Katrina, and a person very high up in the food chain at FEMA got in front of a group of civic, faith and business leaders and said that when a disaster hits, people need three things: food, water and hope.

And then he said, "Churches provide the hope."

This was powerful for me.

As Christians, we are a people of hope. Hope still finds its way through the wretched difficulties of our lives. We have hope in the reconciliation of relationships and brokenness. We have hope in the forgiveness of sins. We have hope in Jesus, who taught us a better way to live buy wow gold.

So when the Super Bowl happens, I will be watching, though it won't be the same as 2009. And that's okay; I've got plenty of hope.

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