The intrepid team Salone has arrived in Bo and begun teaching the resident children (and a few Child Support Program children) the summer school program. All over campus you can hear classes singing, reading aloud, participating in math bingo contests and collaborating on various projects. One class has finished construction on their trebuchets and are planning various scientific activities involving how far these simple machines can ‘fling’ balls of playdough, one class spent a day singing songs about frogs, making frog puppets and playing a bean bag lily pad game, another is conducting experiments involving growing beans in soil or in cotton balls. Teachers and students are working hard and having a wonderful time together. Best times are when we present prizes for kids we have ‘caught being good’, and the thousands and thousands of hugs we are all giving and getting.

The Internet has been a challenge, but we are chipping away at that problem and hope to have it resolved very soon (and can make this work in the meantime if necessary). We miss our families, but we are all well and thoroughly enjoying our precious time here with these amazing children, the dedicated and hardworking staffs of the MTC, CRC and Mercy, and the opportunity to see God’s work in such a beautiful country.

-Laura Horvath

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