From time to time I like to update the Floris family on what God is doing at our site in Reston. Each time I run into someone at the Floris campus that I haven’t seen in awhile I get the same question”How are things going in Reston?” You are all so excited about what God is doing and you’re very encouraging. Because we usually have such a short amount of time, I usually just say “really well” or “amazing.” God is doing an incredible thing in Reston and I just want to share a little with you.

  1. New people are coming. We have estimated somewhere around 50-60 brand new people have come to Restoration. We have folks that have come from the neighborhood surrounding the school. Just this past Sunday three different people joined us because they saw our signs out in the neighborhood. How very exciting. Because you started Restoration, new people are coming.
  2. People are finding community. We started four life groups at Restoration. As a result we had more than 15 new people join groups. This is really exciting for us as we hope to get people connected quickly. At our Wednesday evening group we are so large that we have to split into two different large groups.
  3. We are reaching young people. The Restoration community is a good mix of all generations, but our largest population is young people. We have had many of you come and visit Restoration and the overwhelming comment is that this is a very young community. Young people are finding this to be a place where they can connect and feel connected.
  4. We are serving the Reston community. The first two places in Reston that we have connected with are the Embry Rucker Shelter and Cornerstones. In the first three months since launching Restoration we have brought in more than 850 items for folks who are living at Embry Rucker. We also had a team go into one of Cornerstones’ houses and clean it from top to bottom so that a new family could move into the house out of homelessness.
  5. We are serving Forest Edge Elementary. Over 1000 Helping Hungry Kids bags have been made for Forest Edge Elementary. Part of the beauty of meeting in the school is that we make them after worship and then we leave them at the school. We also provided a great amount of support for the fun fairin Marchat Forest Edge. They invited us to run games and be support. Also, we have folks that have signed up to be mentors in the school. This is a wonderful partnership.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to Floris for the support of this new campus. God is doing a great thing in Reston. I hope that you’ll come and join us one Sunday at 10 a.m. to see for yourself, all that God is doing. Then, I hope you’ll go and invite friends to join us.

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