I am one of two Serve Ministries’ interns at Floris UMC this summer. I had the privilege of serving in this same position last summer and was overjoyed to learn that I would be able to return again this year.

My fellow serve intern, Mason, and I are in charge of planning and executing Camp Hutchison with the help of many amazing volunteers. Camp Hutchison is a summer camp that helps students retain reading and writing abilities often lost over the summer in a fun and creative environment. Because camp is only three short weeks, we spend the majority of our internships planning lessons, ordering supplies and coordinating with volunteers and contacts at Hutchison.

Although this is all very important work for the success of the camp, the true joy of our job comes during camp itself. Because of this, the wait for the start of camp (July 11) seemed very, very long. I couldn’t wait to see my 85 little friends arrive on that first day, excited and ready to learn. I couldn’t wait to watch the reptile show that I had scheduled. Or to watch the students make the shark hat craft that I had planned (and for which I had created about seven prototypes to find the “perfect model”). I was excited to begin our new physical activity section of camp and play soccer with the students at recess. There were so many incredible things to look forward to after the start of camp. I knew that in the midst of all the first day chaos, I would see God’s love through our volunteers and the strides the students would make. I just couldn’t wait.

I was anxious and eager to reap the rewards of all of our hard work. But now that camp has begun, I am truly grateful that I endured the wait. I am so thankful for all of the planning and time that was spent preparing for these three unbelievably special weeks. As I spend time with these students, I constantly realize that they need and deserve all of our time. Without the wait, the final product would not be what it is today. The Bible is full of verses proclaiming the value of patience and the importance of waiting on the Lord. Through Camp Hutchison, I have found that a little bit of patience and reliance on God results in incredible things.

Submitted by Lacy McCleskey

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