Magnificent Mentors


Magnificent Mentors

Emily Lopinski, a long-time Floris UMC member, is currently a Border Fellow in El Paso, Texas. She has graciously agreed to provide us with regular blog posts to help people interested in the Wesley Fellows learn more about what exactly a fellows program is all about. 

Being mentored is awesome. As part of my fellowship program, each fellow is paired with a member of the church who will serve as a mentor. It’s all about building a relationship with someone who can provide wisdom and guidance into what it looks like to live out your faith in “the real world."

I've only known my mentor for two months and she has already made a point to get to know me well. My mentor and I usually hike together in the Franklin Mountains. We enjoying chatting and hiking together. We talk about my job, volunteering, and the pros and cons of getting a higher degree, such as a Masters of Law Degree. My mentor treats me like part of the family. She has invited me to join her family for different events like a lunch visit in a nearby town with an old friend of theirs and even Thanksgiving dinner! Spending time with her in different situations allows me to get to know her better and allows me to see the character of a Christian woman lived out. It gives me a model for how I can live out my faith in my everyday life.

Not only has it been a blessing to be so freely welcomed and encouraged, but it has also been a blessing to be able to ask questions about what it means to be a Christian in the legal field, about living in a way that’s balanced, and about choosing a career path. The time we spend together helps me parse through some “next step” decisions and process all that I am learning during the fellowship.

As I thank God for my mentor here, I can’t help but thank Him for the many people He put in my life to mentor and guide me—many of them being part of Floris UMC. Those mentors helped to shape me into who I am today. They encourage me, advise me and serve as role models for me in ways I am only beginning to understand.

Thank you mentors!


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