As I was enjoying the soup supper the other night, a woman came up to our table with tears in her eyes. “Thank you.” She said, “I came to worship tonight at the invitation of friends. I brought my father, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. Tonight during the service I noticed my father was moving his mouth during the Christmas carols. A little later I noticed he was singing them full-out. You have to understand, he has not shown an awareness of his surroundings in some time. After worship I pushed his wheel chair to a table and he looked directly at me, with his face full of longing and complete comprehension, and said; ‘Wheel chairs are confining. I wish I did not have to be in one.’ I have not heard a real word from my father in months. He has been shut up in his private Alzheimer’s world and I thought I would never again get to talk with my father. So thank you, you’ve given me a gift I never thought possible. This makes me think I will have a Merry Christmas after all.”

That is the power of the church. This woman experienced welcome, worship, communion, and gratefulness all because someone decided to extend an invitation, because the worship team offered their best music, because the congregation sang with full praise, and because the connection team offered a lovely dinner. She was blessed that night. She found the light of Christ shining in a dark world. Who have you blessed this Advent?

“The light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it.” John 1:5.

Happy Advent.

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