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eNote from Rev. Tom Berlin May 9, 2013

Dear Floris Family,

Every so often I put a call out to the church in which I ask everyone to do something. For four weeks in May and June, that call is to pray. I want you to pray for two reasons:

  1. Prayer is an essential Christian discipline that leaves us feeling closer to God. It is a habit that must be in place if we are to mature in our faith.
  2. I want us to seek God's will for our church for the year ahead.

Several weeks ago a Floris member asked me what "the next big thing" was going to be at Floris UMC. The Church Council has been spending a lot of time on that very question. I want to invite you to join that conversation through the means of prayer, and then share what insights God gives you as a result. There are many ways to pray, and so I have a variety of options for you to consider, including:

  • Individual prayer guide for four weeks
  • Prayer in the chapel led by members of the church
  • A prayer walk in our facility that can be self-led or done with your small group or a group of friends
  • A community prayer tour, which will be advertised so that you can sign up

You can find a general description of what we will be offering on our Pray in May (and June) page. The prayer guide for individuals and other opportunities will be updated next week. I will be talking more about this during my sermon on Sunday. Join me in prayer in the coming weeks.

World Malaria Day Update
Kid Nation hosted its first World Malaria Day for families from Floris and the local community two weeks ago. I could not believe what a wonderful job they did informing kids and families about malaria while having fun at the same time. The Gathering Space was filled with kids making mosquitos out of pipe cleaners and drums out of plastic cups. Displays explaining Malaria, and how HCW's Mercy Hospitalis making an impact in Sierra Leone, were placed around Fellowship Hall. Those attending also enjoyed African food and music.

PhotoIt just so happened that Shannon Trilli, with the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR), was here at Floris that evening at a meeting regarding a new initiative at Mercy Hospital. Shannon is in charge of UMCOR's medical services and has been a key person in the Imagine No Malaria campaign that has reduced malaria rates in some areas by as much as 40%. She spends most of her time in locations where bed nets and medications are distributed and was thrilled to see the support of the local church. This event, along with our Sunday School classes, raised more than $3,000. These funds will be used to purchase nets through the Imagine No Malaria campaign and test and treatment kits at Mercy Hospital.

Parking Shuttles
We will be offering parking shuttles through this Sunday. Please park at the Network Solutions/XO Communications lotand take the Floris Shuttle so that our Mother's Day guests and first time visitors can find a parking spot easily on Sunday morning.

This Week in Worship
As Christians we sometimes sense an opportunity to share our faith in Christ with another person, but we often stop short because we feel unprepared. On Sunday we continue our series, Go!, that is designed to equip us for conversations about our faith in Christ that are helpful and not alienating. Join us as we consider "Three Important Questions". Scripture: Acts 8:26-38.

In Christ,

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