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Technical Director of Audio/Visual

The Technical Director of Audio/Visual (A/V) oversees the planning and management of all A/V projects. They maintain Floris UMC’s technology systems used to produce weekly worship services, meetings, and special events. This role requires technical expertise and a passion for delivering high-quality products and visitor experiences.

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Website Coordinator

The Website Coordinator develops, builds, and manages the websites for Floris UMC/Restoration Church. They ensure all content and design aligns with the organization’s communications priorities and goals. This role is responsible for the overall visitor experience on our websites.

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To apply, submit your resume to the Director of Human Resources and Finance, Karen Heier, at

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Our Work Culture

Floris UMC/Restoration values the committed people on our staff and strives to provide a positive, productive, and welcoming work environment. Our church staff is passionate about blessing those in our community and world – regardless of race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or socioeconomic background. As employees, we embrace this commitment to inclusion and diversity in our church and staff.

We offer a flexible work environment where collaboration is encouraged and sharing ideas is valued. We seek employees whose skills, talent, and experience align with our values. And, we welcome your application for open positions at Floris UMC/Restoration.

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The Four Pillars

Created by staff, the Four Pillars guide employees as a reminder of the importance of our work.


  • I offer a generous welcome and create a warm emotional environment
  • I am courteous and respectful to all members, guests and staff

Welcome Ready

  • I prepare the physical environment fully
  • I focus on others and carry out my role professionally
  • I ensure that my work and ministry areas are welcome ready at all times


  • I practice safe behaviors in everything I do
  • I take action to always put safety first
  • I speak up to ensure the safety of others

Humble Service

  • I go above and beyond to share the love of Christ with everyone
  • I look for ways to improve my ministry, to better serve members and guests
  • I help others when I see the opportunity

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