Sermon Series

Why Church

Church is much more than attending worship and giving every now and then. Church is a commitment to live the life Jesus calls us to live – one of love, service, and community. Let’s embrace those virtues to live even more like Jesus. Let’s find out how that integrity can transform our community.

Weekly Sermons

September 10 |  Believe  |  Exodus 14:10-14, 21-25
When we believe God is up to something in our midst, we pray differently, and most importantly, we act differently. How can we live out our faith in ways that lead to deeper convictions? Challenge yourself to pray fervently, boldly and specifically for great things to happen in our midst.

September 17  |  Welcome  |  Romans 15:7-9, 14-21
Church is more than a kind welcome. It’s about going deeper in faith and service to the world. Offer someone a treat and welcome note when they visit a church. Invite someone into your life group, sit with them in worship or pick them up for a service opportunity – it can be life-changing. Discover where you can be welcoming and how it challenges you to grow deeper in faith.

September 24  |  Love  |  Colossians 3:12-17 
One reason the church exists is to be in partnership and grace with the surrounding community. How can we extend love to our community? How can we love where we are planted?

October 1  |  Reach  |  Romans 1:8-17  |  Communion Sunday
Evangelism – it’s not a bad word! Jesus calls us to practice evangelism relentlessly, singularly and unapologetically. We live in a world hungry for a better way to live, work and play together without fear of each other. Jesus is a way to live as our best selves and invite others to join us.

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So Good!

When you experience something so good, you want to share it with others. This series is about living in a relationship with God that is so good that it can’t be contained. Jesus challenges us to go into the world and be present to the needs of others. And to be bold enough to share our good news.

Weekly Sermons

August 13  |  Let’s Go  | Mark 6:6-9
Dare to step outside of our comfort zones and explore new possibilities. Discover and join what God is doing to restore goodness in the world.

August 20  |  Let’s Connect  | Mark 10:13-16
Christ calls us to build relationships and break down barriers. Remember that being alongside others in faith is about walking alongside and supporting them. It is also about being a caring presence without trying to change or fix them.

August 27  |  Let’s Be  |  Mark 12:28-34
What does it mean to embody the goodness of Jesus? This message will challenge us to take on the way of Jesus and be light in the world.

September 3  |  Let’s Hope  |  Mark 10:46-52
As Christ-followers, we are a movement of hope. We respond with love and compassion to people searching for something more in this life.

Weekly Reading: The Gospel of Mark

Week 1  |  Mark 1:1-3:35 NSRVUE
The Beginning of Jesus’ Ministry

Week 2  |  Mark 4:1-8:26
Parables of the Kingdom and the Ministry Around Galilee

Week 3  |  Mark 8:27-10:52
Preparation of the Disciples for Suffering to Come

Week 4   |  Mark 11:1-16:20
Jesus’ Ministry in Jerusalem and His Passion, Death and Resurrection

Next Steps

  • #SoGood
  • Invite a friend – use our printable You’re Invited card to ask a friend (or two!) to join us
  • Write a prayer/share a hope

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