Current Sermon Series


Generous people, generous families and generous churches bring hope and joy to others. When generosity lives among us, we find that our lives are truly enriched. In this series, you will learn the meaning, mindset and method of generous people.

October 24  |  The Meaning  |  Proverbs 11:24-25
The Bible consistently teaches that the rich life is found when we learn to be generous. Generosity is not just an act; it is a personal code that molds our character. Once we grasp the meaning of generosity, we find the goodness it brings to life.

October 31  |  The Mindset  |  2 Corinthians 9:6-15
Generous people see their money and possessions differently from people who are not generous. This week, join us to learn how to cultivate the generous mindset that will impact how you see the world and help you find greater joy.

November 7  |  Why I Love Jesus  |  Romans 8:31-37
Guest Speaker, President Bishop Chul Lee, Korean Methodist Church

November 14  |  The Method  |  Luke 14:28-33
No one is born generous, people must find a way to become generous. The key is not the size of your income or wealth. It is commitment to a process that enables us to be the generous people we say we want to be.