Current Sermon Series

Because It’s Christmas

December asks a lot from us. Love, joy and peace are all components of a holiday spirit that can feel elusive. When we embrace Christmas and prepare our hearts and homes for Christ’s birth, a season of joy can be ours.

November 27 | Believe | John 1:1-18
Sometimes the innocent joy of Christmas experienced by children becomes a tired cynicism of the season when we become adults. We can still find the beauty and excitement of Christmas. But, it will come from believing in a Savior, not a season.

December 4 | Forgive | Isaiah 11:1-9
Christmas is a time for giving – presents to our friends and family, time to service, and money so others can enjoy gifts. While we are in this giving mode, why not give the gift of forgiveness? Jesus came to earth to reconcile us to God and others. Let us remember that gift this Christmas.

December 11 | Worship | Luke 1:46-55
When the angel told Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus, her first response was one of worship. This Advent, amid the rush of gifts, parties and decorating, we can follow Mary’s example and offer our devotion to the Christ child.

December 18 | Be Joyful | Luke 2:8-15
With only seven days to go, we discuss ways to find the most important qualities of a meaningful Christmas. Join us to discover practical steps to find your joy.

December 25 | Christmas Day
Join us for worship on the day Christ was born. Celebrate with music from multiple cultures and share in scripture.

January 1 | Happy New Year | Isaiah 43:18-21
The first worship of a new year is a time to center oneself in the faithful care of God. We will position ourselves firmly on God’s promises as we look toward the future.

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