Throughout Jesus’ life, he was called upon to be brave; in the face of his enemies, when being tempted and certainly at the time of his death. By examining the life of Christ, we can begin to understand what true courage is and how God works in our lives when we exhibit brave faith. The time we are in requires us to unlock the courage that we possess as Christ-followers – and in doing so, find the remarkable life Jesus offers us.

February 21 | The Clarity of Courage | Luke 4:14-30

Jesus shows us that once we have clarity about what God is asking us to do, courage will arise. Jesus was courageous because he was committed to the purpose he stated at the beginning of his ministry. Come learn how to find such clarity, learn specific ways to say “no” to fear and let courage into your life.

February 28 | Living with Conviction | Luke 13:10-17

The commitment to act requires a conviction so that fear cannot be permitted to hold us back. Conviction is the precursor to courage. Looking at Jesus’ life, we will discover the power of conviction and how it enables us to have a brave faith.

March 7 | The Courage of Candor | Luke 7:36-50

There are few places where courage is required more than in the words we say to each other. Jesus offers a Master Class on candor that will help you learn how to say important things and bridge difficult divides.

March 14 | The Hope of Courage | Luke 5:17-26

Courage is essential to the Christian life, but it must be yoked to the hope of God’s power in our lives. Learn what hope is, why it is essential for courage and how it enables God to work through us for good in the world.

March 21 | Fortitude | Luke 9:1-6

Courage can take us into uncharted territory. Jesus shows us how to turn courage into fortitude, the ability to stick with an important calling and endure. What we learn enables us to be a blessing to our family and friends, our community and our world.

March 28 | Courage and Love | Luke 13:10-17

It takes deep love to have great courage and great courage to have a deep love. In the last week of his life, Jesus demonstrates both. Once you know the connection between love and courage, you will be able to accept Jesus’ calling to pick up your cross and follow him.

Courage: Jesus and the Call to Brave Faith

Lenten Study

Be a part of our annual Lenten Study. For the six weeks before Easter, we participate in a church-wide study that encompasses weekly reading, life group discussion and Sunday sermons.

This year’s study is Courage: Jesus and the Call to Brave Faith by Tom Berlin.