Current Sermon Series

Responding With…

We live in a time when it is easy to make snap judgements or have a short temper. When we respond poorly, it often leads to hurt and regret. When we respond well to people and situations, it changes how people respond to us. Each week, we will learn from people in the Bible you may not know, but who can teach you a lot about how to respond in a critical moment.

May 9 | Responding with Devotion | Ruth 1:16-17

The story begins with loss and grief. Naomi, a widowed Israelite, living in a foreign land stands with her daughters-in-law as they bury her sons and their husbands. All seems hopeless as they set out towards Israel, however, on the way, they run into hope. Naomi, in an act of selflessness, urges the two younger women to go back to their own land, but Ruth refuses to leave her and chooses loyalty. What does it mean to be devoted? How might we learn to respond like Ruth?

May 16 | Responding with Grace | 1 Samuel 1:1-8

Hannah was a woman who dealt with ridicule and grief for many years. She responded with tears, sadness but ultimately, with grace. What can we learn from Hannah about how we approach difficulties in our own lives?

May 23 | Responding with Justice | Numbers 27:1-11

Justice is about doing right by those who are denied what they deserve. Today, we will hear about five women who boldly stood before one of the most significant leaders in the history of the world and asked for justice. How do we respond when presented with similar requests?

May 30 | Responding with Compassion | Luke 10:30-37 

It is easy to be kind to people we know and love. It is much harder to respond with compassion to people we don’t know or who seem different from us. Today, we will explore how our biases might restrict our compassion and how we can lean into being more like Jesus.