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This is my Story, This is my Song

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I became a blogger in 2011 when I was laid up with a hamstring injury. Nothing better to do than sit around and jot down my reflections, right? I titled the blog, "On the Way to Well," after a dialogue I recorded in my Lenten study booklet where Jesus and I discussed the reason for my current predicament. The post still appears on my blog as do the other 119 posts.

Online blogs are plentiful, as you know. The really successful bloggers, I am told, pay lots of attention to their stats pages. There you can find out how many people have visited the site, which posts they prefer and a host of demographic information about the readers. Then, if you're an ambitious blogger, you can target your posts to attract more readers, because you're writing about what they like to read!

Well, in 2011, "On the Way to Well" 120 posts garnered 181 total views; 149 of them to the homepage. Not too successful by blogging standards, but completely successful by mine. It tells the complete story, from injury to surgery to doubts, fears, therapy, recovery and return to action. There's a lot of truth spelled out in that story, pretty much uncensored. I didn't write to attract readership; I wrote to tell people how I felt, and somehow along the way, I got better. And so did my hamstring.

I wrote my last post for "On the Way to Well" on January 27, 2012. It's called, "Born Again: Nine Months Later."

But I was smitten with this blogging thing and, in July 2012, began my current blog, "The Kinesthetic Christian" (The KC). Over nearly three and a half years I have written 518 posts, all of which are now hovering digitally out there on the internet.

The vain writer in me occasionally checks the stats page to see how many people have read my daily post. And with 518 available, occasionally they stay a while and read old posts. Most of my "views" come from the U.S., but as time has gone by, I have gotten a smattering of visitors from other countries, large and small: Malaysia, Pakistan, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Niger, Netherlands, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil and others. Mind you, they call it the 'World Wide Web' for a reason.

This Sunday, I was surprised to see that The KC had two visitors from France. France! Wow, what must they be thinking right now? Where are they looking for answers, for comfort, for understanding, for peace? What are they doing reading my blog?

Well, the stats page told me they hadn't come looking for "The Kinesthetic Christian." They landed on a post I wrote back in March. It was so buried you would never find it unless you were looking for it, or someone sent you to it.

Eight months ago, God suggested I write a post that two strangers never would have imagined they would go looking for, but God knew they would need. A good reminder that whenever we think we're too small or too far away to make a difference in our world, we're wrong. And God is right. Always.

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