“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”(Matthew 18:20)

As Camp Hutchison progresses, we are seeing students form bonds and come together as a group. I recently watched the new friendships and connections unfold as I sat in on art class.

The class started off with another lesson on telling the truth. Ms. Ginny read them “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” and the value of trust and the importance of telling the truth were reinforced. After the story the students made mosaics. The students were given separate pieces of paper to draw patterns on which they later ripped up into pieces.

A unified gasp was heard when Ms. Ginny ripped up her pattern into pieces as an example to the students. The pieces were then glued onto a bigger outline of a shape they drew themselves to create a mosaic. The students took full advantage of being allowed to rip up paper for creative purposes. Many girls drew princesses and flowers, where the boys drew castles and animals.

I caught up with Ms. Ginny, who led the arts and crafts class. She was amazed by the vision of God everywhere; in the faces of the kids and in the energy of the room. The idea of a mosaic; smaller pieces coming together to make a beautiful piece of art got me thinking about this camp. Camp Hutchison is a living mosaic in itself. Every tiny piece of work that goes into the camp and every single person involved; whether a volunteer, or student are slowly coming together to create an extraordinary and beautiful thing.

-Lizzie Dean

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