If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to be part of the Floris UMC ESL ministry, you are cordially invited to visit one of our Tuesday or Thursday night classes at Hutchinson Elementary School in Herndon. See first-hand the interaction between students and teachers and the satisfaction that comes from helping others. Join our teacher Prayer Circle before each class. Share the fun and refreshments at our evening break. Note how much the students appreciate being able to improve their English and enjoy the friends they’ve made.

For you, it may be a great way to experience what over 50 volunteer teachers, assistant teachers, substitutes, principals, and others who support the ESL ministry find a personally rewarding way to share their time and talents in serving our immigrant community. Three of those volunteers are Floris UMC teens who have brought their enthusiasm and caring concern for others as assistant teachers. Most, but not all, volunteers attend Floris. Teachers do not need to be foreign language speakers to participate and will provide training and orientation.

Floris UMC offers two 10-week sessions each yearSeptember-November and January-March. Classes are conducted on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7:30-9:30 p.m. We conclude each session with a Recognition Dinner to honor the students and their families.

In this winter session, we have 167 registered students from 19 countries, ranging in age from 18-81. They are placed into one of nine classes plus a small writing class taught on Saturday mornings at Floris.

If you think you might be interested in participating in the future, I encourage to visit our classes for an hour or two some Tuesday or Thursday evening to get a taste of what goes on and what you are missing. If you would like to visit, please contact the ESL Ministry Coordinator, Bob Milne, at robertjmilne@cox.net or 703-264-1928.

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