House plantA word of advice, if you are going out of town and would like someone to water your plants don’t call me. You will arrive home to a bunch of dead plants. This is because I have no clue how to keep plants alive. Saying something as simple as “water these,” means nothing to me. How much water? Are we talking 8 ounces once a week or half a cup morning and night? Do I need to rotate the plant around to make sure it gets equal amounts of sunlight? And how exactly does pruning work?

It doesn’t take someone with a green thumb to keep a plant alive, it just takes someone who is willing to put the effort into learning about the needs of a plant. Every plant requires different amounts of water and sunlight. It is through time and attention that one discovers how to care for a plant. If you cannot provide that to your plant, chances are the health of your plant will suffer.

Caring for relationships is like caring for plants. Each one of them is different. Some require more attention than others. It is only when we submit to taking the time to understand other people, when we discover how we can best care for them. Tim and I were blessed to attend the marriage retreat this past weekend. In our busy lives it was nice to be reminded of the importance of keeping marriage a priority.

Whether you are married or not, we all have relationships that are important to us. If I learned one thing this weekend it was that it takes intentional time and effort to keep the relationships that mean the most to us working right. As we grow as individuals and life happens we cannot expect the relationships in our lives to grow along with us unless we are paying close attention to them, making sure they are getting the proper nutrients they need to flourish.

Plants don’t care for themselves. Neither do relationships. Both, however, provide great reward when properly cared for.

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