One of the greatest perks of my job is that I come across so many stories every day of the amazing things that are being done in the United Methodist Church. This week I was especially blessed to read story after story of the things that the United Methodist Church is doing in Sierra Leone. Rather than retell the stories, I thought it better to direct you to the sources so that you can read these stories for yourself. I hope you will enjoy these articles as much as I did this week.

Welcome Kadija to the Child Rescue Centre!
The Child Rescue Centre Residential family has grown again! Kadija, 6 years old, was accepted in the Child Rescue Centre Residential Program late last month. She joins her two older brothers,Norman and Mustapha Koroma, who came into the residential program last year. Norman, Mustapha and Kadija had been in the care of their aunt under very poor conditions in which they had to work instead of going to school. Read the full story.

Seeing Beauty in Sierra Leone
In 2010, photographer Mike DuBose visited a tiny village in Sierra Leone as part of the Imagine No Malaria effort to share health information and bed nets. He returned to the village recentlyand reconnected with those whose lives were touched and whose stories, and smiles, touched him. Read the full story.

Beating Malaria, One Household at a Time
For Bilyatu Luther, a widow who cares for her four children and two extended family members, malaria has been a constant menace. Luther, who lives in Nigeria and works as a cleaner earning less than the national minimum wage, has felt the financial burden as well as the emotional strain of malaria sometimes taking each child and dependent to the clinic as many as three or four times in the rainy season. Read the full story.

Kissy UM Hospital Expands Mother-Child Health Care
In 1974, Swedish United Methodists laid the foundations for Kissy United Methodist Hospital when they sent a nurse/midwife to Freetown, Sierra Leone, on a health mission. Indiana United Methodists added their ongoing support, and United Methodists in Ohio and in the Baltimore-Washington Conference provided additional help. All of that effort for almost four decades led to the birth of a hospital from a clinic. Read the full story.

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