This is the second week of Camp Hutchison. It’s hard to believe I am already halfway through with my service as an assistant instructor. Reflecting on the experience so far I can already declare that this camp is the best part of my summer. Why haven’t I done this before?

I’m not sure how to describe what it has been like to spend the mornings with these amazing children and supportive volunteers. The time dedicated here is more than worth it. Truthfully, some days are smooth and uneventful, other times there is some energy in the air that makes the kids hyper! I have learned that positive encouragement along with a dose of adaptability is important.

Camp Hutchison is an environment that makes me feel confident about serving God and helping others; this is a place where I can see these kids are being taken care of in many ways.

The new faces of the children I’ve met this week have already become so dear to me. Every massive hug I’ve received or laugh I’ve witnessed has been such a joy. Overall, the children I have met have a genuine sense of fun, happiness, and curiosity; it is infectious. Yet it is also apparent that they have difficult lives and need support where they can get it. Camp Hutchison is a place where hundreds of volunteers are committed to cheering them on every day. The goal is for the children to acquire and solidify academic skills, but the camp is also about passing on a sense of hope in knowing that they are truly loved.

This ministry is for anybody who is willing to give their time and positive energy and who can show up with an openness to experience teaching and learning from these children. This camp is for those who want to be a part of helping a child who needs it. Do it for God, do it for the kids, just do it!

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