One morning, as I was in the front of Hutchison Elementary, two of
the girls in my group asked me how long Camp Hutchison would last for the
day. When I replied, “I think it ends at the same time as it did yesterday,”
they gave me a reply that touched my heart. The two girls said that they
wanted Camp Hutchison to be longer. To be truthful, I wish it were longer

I’m a junior counselor for a group of rising third graders and they
are such a wonderful group. One girl wrote a story about how much she loved
the camp and her counselors, and at the end of her story, she wrote that she
goes to church afterwards and thanks God for the fun she had at camp.
Reading this story made me smile. It made me feel like I was really doing
something to help her and the other kids in my group. The only real
complaints were about the fat free vanilla milk they are given to drink at
breakfast and lunch but they seem to enjoy what we do in math and reading
(big shocker, right?) and they have fun throughout the day. I even took some
pictures to prove my point! Every time one of my campers laughs, it puts a
smile on my face. They’re just one of the nicest groups of kids to work with
and I’m always excited to work with them. I look forward to what everyday
brings, and so do the campers.

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