Power of Paradox

Finding Triumph in Surrender

Who is this group for?

We seek like-minded sojourners interested in deepening their conscious contact with God through spiritual practices. You are in recovery or walking alongside someone in recovery. You want to understand how surrender, powerlessness and authentic honesty combined with intentional prayer and meditation lead to transformation.

What can I expect?

During our gatherings, we share our experience, strength and hope from leading a life based on time-honored spiritual practices from the Christian Contemplative tradition. The goal is to increase awareness of the presence of God in, around and through all things.

What else should I know?

The group is not a program of recovery. We designed it to be a safe place to explore God as the higher power and to foster our deepening relationship with God. Every one of us has been imprinted with God’s image. Each of us has the gift of the Spirit that longs to be awakened in us. The contemplative practices enable us to open ourselves to that Spirit. By intentionally opening ourselves to God’s presence in and through us, we transform our thoughts and actions. We become light, love and compassion in a world desperately seeking connection.

For more information, contact Bill Gray at bgray@FlorisUMC.org.

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