Communication Process

Floris/Restoration Communication Process

1. Submit Request

2. Draft Plan

  • The Communication Coordinator adds the Communications Request to Basecamp within five business days as a Draft plan.
  • The Communication Team schedules consults if requested.
  • The Communication Coordinator schedules promotions to start three weeks before the event/program or the beginning of registration.
  • The Communication Coordinator assigns tasks to the Communications Team.

3. Revise Plan

  • The Ministry Lead requests further changes if needed.
  • The Ministry Lead finalizes all information in the plan.

4. Approve Plan

  • The Communications Director reviews the plan and suggests revisions if needed.
  • The Ministry Lead reviews the plan and completes the Approve the Plan To-Do, indicating all decisions and changes are complete.
  • The Communications Team begins work.

5. Close Plan

  • The Ministry Lead conducts lessons-learned sessions, collects event photos, and provides feedback.
  • The Communication Coordinator requests approval from the Ministry Lead for a revised project. If approved, the Communication Coordinator duplicates the plan for the next iteration.

6. Archive Plan

  • The Communication Coordinator sets the project to Archived two weeks after the event.

Change Request (Optional)

  • The Ministry Lead requests changes to an Approved plan via Basecamp.
  • The Ministry Lead selects the Change Request category on the Message Board and tags the Communications Coordinator and the Communications Director.
  • The Communication Coordinator updates tasks.

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