deerEarlier this week, we had the opportunity to meet with one of the top scientists in the world on global climate change. It was a really exciting conversation where he laid out all of the changes that have occurred in the Yellowstone ecosystem in the last 100 years. The data is staggering. The movement of animals down from their normal places in the park to get new food that has disappeared in higher elevations is interesting. He was truly one of those brilliant people who you meet in your life.

While this was very fascinating, what was more fascinating was his intrigue over what we were doing. As far as I could tell he was not a Christian. He wanted to know why a bunch of seminary students cared about the environment. We talked about the evidence that reveals the disproportionate effect that global climate change will have on the poor in the world as sea levels rise. We talked about the work we do with folks as a result of natural disasters. He just stared and smiled.

Then he did something that often happens to me. He reminded me of why I’m grateful to be part of our church. He was fascinated with the community of the Church. He couldn’t believe how people come together to care for people that they don’t know. He talked extensively about community and the value of community. He was excited for us that we get to share in the community with you.

My post today ends with a “thank you”. Thank you for being the community. For caring for us. For reading our blogs. You are a blessing to us. Sometimes it takes a complete outsider to realize the blessing that you have right in front of you.

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