Advent Study

Reflecting the Sacred

We often feel the tension between the sacred and the secular, for example, baby Jesus and Santa Claus. This year, we invite you on a spiritual journey to envision all things sacred.

What would this season look like if we imagined God perfecting our moments and calling us into a deeper sacred space? Our Advent study this year will guide us into an awareness of the sacred breaking forth into this holy time.

This Christmas season, be a part of our church-wide study and discover all that is sacred! Dive deeper into the weekly Sunday sermons together. We have several groups to join.

Weekly Sermon

Advent Study: As Easy as 123!

    1. Sign up for an Advent group.
    2. Use the Advent Study Journal to guide you through the season.
      • Spend time daily on questions in the Daily Reflections section.
      • Attend worship on November 26 and December 3, 10 and 17; take notes during worship.
      • Answer questions in the Sermon Reflections section.
    3. Meet with your Advent group weekly.

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