We all have a money story 

whether we realize it or not. Discover how our financial narrative impacts our approach to generosity.

We all can make a plan 

As you learn about your relationship with money, use the Giving Path tool to help you find where you are on your journey. Plan what part of your income to give using the Giving Path illustration.

The Financial Step Chart provides the giving patterns of our congregation. Understanding our giving as a church will help you determine where God may be leading you to share your resources. Learn who makes up Floris UMC’s General Giving Fund using the General Household Giving illustration.

Your Personal Plan can evolve over time, given changes in income and the desire to give. See suggested percentages of monthly giving based on annual income using the Personal Plan for Generosity.

Even the youngest among us can make a plan. Review the Children’s Generosity Card as a family. Then, bring your Preschool Giving Card to the October 29 Family Worship Service.

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    Learn Together & On Your Own

    Saving Grace Money Management Class

    Discover how you can create healthy relationships with money and possessions. Be a part of our seven-week financial life group.

    Our Money Story

    Art, poetry and prompts for a season of stewardship.

    Estimate of Giving

    Your giving is a critical part of how we make a difference in our church, our community and our world.

    You may change your estimate at any time by notifying the finance office.

    Sermon Series

    Our Stories: How Our Relationship with Money Impacts Our Faith

    This series encourages us to remember God’s steadfast relationship throughout life. Discover how God can help rewrite our money story.

    Join us each Sunday from October 8 to 29.

    October 8 | Remember | Luke 22:1-13Exodus 16:1-18
    We begin by looking back at our spoken and unspoken money stories. How have those stories impacted our practices of generosity? Remember God’s steadfast relationship with us throughout time and trials. Even in stories of desperation and deep betrayal, God’s provision and grace gift us.

    October 15 | Release | Matthew 19:16-22Deuteronomy 15:1-11 
    This week, we practice releasing shame, anxiety, guilt, greed or anything that keeps us from freedom and wholeness. We liberate the elements of our money story that prevent us from fully living into God’s story.

    October 22 | Reimagine | Mark 12:38-44
    God calls us to reimagine a world where our social and economic systems do not disparage or impoverish but provide for and benefit everyone. This week, we revisit a scripture that begs for reinterpretation from the harmful ways it has been used. Considering that story, we are called to reimagine our money stories.

    October 29 | Restore | John 21:1-14
    We have explored remembering, releasing and reimagining. We conclude by focusing on restoration. Ultimately, practicing faithful stewardship heals us as individuals and helps us restore relationships with one another.

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