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Floris UMC’s Sunday morning ministry is for children ages preschool-grade 5.

Kid Nation partners with parents to help kids develop a faith in Jesus Christ that lasts a lifetime. Kid Nation provides relevant teaching that is scriptural. Kids can apply these lessons to their everyday lives.

We are committed to helping children develop relationships with their peers and leaders. Most importantly, we support the development of a personal relationship with Jesus.

For questions, contact Kelly Crespin at

Changes for 2022

During the pandemic, we wanted to include families joining Sunday services online. So, Floris UMC created, “Family Time with Kelly Crespin.” This part of the service allowed children to experience worship with their parents.

Having regained in-person time with kids at church, we have learned that the pandemic has significantly impacted their understanding of the Bible. Key stories, characters, and ethics have not been consistently taught. And, like the school system, we find ourselves trying to catch up.

To help close the gap, we are starting kids in Kid Nation on the second floor rather than in the Sanctuary. This change will provide 15-20 minutes more time to learn the Bible.

On the first Sunday of each month, children will take part in Communion. A pastor will join Kid Nation classes to teach the importance of our sacrament, as well as offer communion.

For more information, contact Kelly Crespin at

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