Body & Soul Fitness

Workout Your Body and Your Soul

Come to class ready to work out at Body & Soul Fitness group!

We believe that fitness involves more than just your body. Join us each Monday and Friday as we condition physically and spiritually.

Body and Soul classes are set to the latest upbeat contemporary Christian music played on popular Christian radio stations. There are options for all fitness levels, beginner to advanced. We care about the health of your body and your soul. Our goal is to encourage you to pursue both physical and spiritual fitness.

What you need: Towel or mat and water

Where we meet: Beginning in September, Monday classes will be hybrid – in person (Fellowship Hall) and via Zoom. Friday class will continue to be via Zoom.

Exercise specifics: Cardio/Power Strength Fusion combines 20 minutes of high and low-impact cardio with 45 minutes of dynamic total-body strength training, where we will hit every major muscle group.

Cost: The drop-in fee is $10, monthly registration is $25. Or, you are welcome to try a class for free!

To try a class or register, contact Cindy Rhodes at

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