Racial Reconciliation

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The Racial Reconciliation Initiative

After the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 13, 2017, Floris UMC held a prayer service of racial reconciliation. During the service, Rev. Tom Berlin shared his hope that the evening was “just the beginning of a larger movement.”

Inspired by the challenge, Anna Ruth (Lopynski) Kendall, a member of Floris UMC, began collaborating with Rev. Berlin. They submitted grant proposals to support growth and learning around this important conversation in the Floris UMC community. Three United Methodist agencies responded with a total of $7,500 in grants to begin this work.

We welcome you wherever you are in your journey.

Some of those in our faith community are wondering why we are facilitating these sacred conversations. Others are ready to lead an activity of racial reconciliation. Many are somewhere in the middle.

We are hosting and facilitating participation in studies, community events, speaker engagements, and other learning experiences. We hope you will join us in the journey of reconciliation.

“I strongly believe that your strategic approach could become a model for other ministries in mentoring and strengthening churches in a broader region to become more engaged in missional ministry and connection in their community.” – Stephen B. Kendall, Virginia United Methodist Foundation

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