November 14: Registration Opens (Sign Up Now)
December 30: Registration Closes


January 15-16: Kickoff Retreat at Floris UMC
January 23: Small Groups Begin
February 6: No Small Groups

April 22-24: Retreat at Summit Lake (Emmitsburg, MD)
April 30: Service Rehearsal
May 1: Confirmation Sunday

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What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is a small group program for students in grades 8 and above that wish to be confirmed in the United Methodist Church. The program is designed to study the beliefs of the United Methodist Church, as well as what it means to be a Christian. The program runs from January to April. Upon completion, students can stand before the congregation and proclaim their faith and commitment to Floris UMC.

For additional information, please contact Andrea Williams, Student Ministry Coordinator, at

Requirements for Confirmation

Two retreats are included in Confirmation. Retreats are an important component of the Confirmation process as they provide an opportunity for students to bond with one another.

Small Groups
Small groups are an important component of the Confirmation process. These groups provide an opportunity for students to meet weekly and discuss the key themes and foundations of Christianity.

Mentors make the Confirmation process more personal. Students meet with their mentor 10 times during the 15-week process. Choosing a mentor is an important decision as the mentor will help the student explore the decision to be a Christ follower and their decision to be a member of Floris United Methodist Church. Read more tips for choosing a mentor. Adults interested in becoming a mentor can contact Bill Gray at

Service Project
Serving others is a key practice of a Christ follower and an expectation of membership at Floris UMC. Service projects give the students opportunities to discover their gifts and passions. Confirmands are asked to participate in a three-hour service project with their mentor.

At the conclusion of Confirmation and prior to the Confirmation worship services, each confirmand will complete an interview with a Floris UMC staff member. These interviews help the confirmand articulate this very important decision.

On Confirmation Sunday, confirmands will accept Christ as their Lord and Savior and become official members of Floris United Methodist Church. All students must be baptized before being confirmed. However, students who have not been baptized will be baptized as part of the service. There is a mandatory Confirmation Rehearsal service on Saturday.