We are sitting at Camp Canaan watching the sun rise, the roosters are crowing and the air is cool. We traveled about 4 hours by bus yesterday. Manuel, our driver, took us south and east into the interior of the island. We were greeted at the camp by the bishop and his wife in addition to a few other pastors who were just finishing a meeting of pastors. As one by one, the pastors and their spouses caught a glimpse of Aldo and Susan, their eyes lit up and the would come running with outstretched arms to enfold the in a hug. Aldo and Susan showed us the camp. It is unbelievable. In 199? when Aldo and Susan first started coming to Cuba they asked the bishop what was the number one priority for the United Methodist Church. The bishop shared that the government had taken away their previous camp so they had no place to gather as the Church. So, over the next several years they found land (a story to follow) and began to send teams and materials to an area near Santa Clara. Over 65 teams participated in the creating of this beautiful camp that can hold over 800 people. The altar has a depiction of the Holy City with it’s streets of gold, the tree of life and the light that shines forever. It is a magnificent focus for worship, reminding the people of the hope of a new creation.
We ate well, slept nicely and we are now ready to go eat breakfast and get on the road to Cabeza.

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